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The production of Troyan plum rakia has traditions that date back centuries, originating behind the walls of the Troyan monastery. In the decades that followed, the secret recipe and technology managed to spread from behind the walls of the monastery across the whole region of Troyan. With great care and respect towards the past, “VINPROM TROYAN” has kept and developed these long-held traditions up to today. The firm offers a wide range of plum rakia products which differ in both character and the time for which they have aged in oak barrels. The natural fruit distillates of “VINPROM TROYAN” are made from the finest and freshest of fruit of the highest quality. The harvesting of the fruits is carried out during their technological ripeness and their processing begins as soon as theyare delivered at the distillery. The produce is then milled after it has had its pits removed. Following a process of controlled fermentation the fruit mash goes through a specialized distillation column with the distillation process remaining uninterrupted. It is because of this practice that the distillate retains the fragrance and flavor of the plums it was made from. The supplementary qualities of the plum rakia are further enhanced through aging in oak barrels. Each stage of the production process is carefully monitored by our master distillers who make sure that the final product meets all quality requirements. It is due to this careful development process that each bottle gets its unique flavor, fragrance and color.




“VINPROM TROYAN” produces a wide range of high-quality fruit rakia that has continued to grow in diversity.

Following careful selection, the company uses only the finest and freshest of fruits that undergo specialized processing based on a classical technology – with no added artificial flavors, spirit or sugar. The firm offers to its clients rakia made from apricots, pears, Williams pears, apple, quince, peaches, Mirabelle plums, sour cherries and cherries. The fruit rakia of “VINPROM TROYAN” is presented in two separate series:

Classical rakias with an underlining taste and fragrance of rich fruit – Apricot, Pear, Apple and Cherry rakia, bottled in 0.7l bottles.

Special rakias of the highest quality that vary in both aging and alcoholic content, bottled in a round bottle, the so called „alarm“ bottle, of 0.5l. These rakias are made from – Aged apricot, Quince, Sour cherry, Peach, William pear and Mirabelle plum rakia.

The fruit rakias by „VINPROM TROYAN “are made using a traditional recipe with no added artificial flavors, spirits or sugar. Choose them if you would like to experience the unique fruit flavor of our specialized fruit rakias.





“RUDOLF JELÍNEK” is one of the largest producers of spirit drinks and distillates in Europe. The firm’s trademark product is the slivovitz – Cezch plum rakia of the highest quality. The company also produces various untraditional distillates – Mirabelle plum, blackberry, blackcurrant and others. The top products of “RUDOLF JELÍNEK” are the rakias from the Kosher series.





“Milan METELKA” is a leading Czech producer of liqueurs and spirits that are gaining more and more popularity across Europe and the world. The company carries out exports to twenty countries, amongst which are Bulgaria, Russia, Chile, China, Romania and Italy. “VINPROM - TROYAN” AD is the official distributor of the trade mark METELKA in Bulgaria.

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„VINPROM TROYAN “is the sole distributor for Bulgaria for the products of the famous Austrian firm “STROH”. Under this brand you will mostly find strong rums (with alcohol content of 60 and 80 percents) and liquors that bring up associations of high mountains, winter sports and good mood.

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Albert Michler is one of the oldest distilleries and rum houses of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Founded in the 1863 in Silesia – today part of the Czech Republic – Albert Michler supplied rum to the Imperial Court and Navy. Today, Albert Michler upholds this tradition of excellence by sourcing only the finest rums from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and the Dominican Republic.

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