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Payment and delivery


 Information for delivery

The ordered goods are delivered only on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria by courier company SPEEDY with special preferential prices for clients of “VINPROM - TROYAN” AD.

The deliveries are free for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria for orders over 100 BGN. DELIVERIES ABROAD ARE NOT AVAILABLE.

 When the delivery will arrive?

For Sofia and the rest of the country we are using “Express” delivery services:

Important for the countryside: For places that are served on schedule by the courier company the delivery term is prolonged.

All parcels ordered from vinprom-toryan.bg are insured. Damaged parcels are not on the customer’s account.



Information for Payment

There are three ways for payment of the orders.

The Customer must pay for every ordered item and the price is visible in the online store in the moment of placing the order. The price of every item can change. The transaction currency for card payments is bulgarian lev (BGN).

In order to guard you against fraud during payment with your Visa or MasterCard card, we apply best practices recommended by the international card organizations:

- The security during entry and transport of card data is provided by the use of an SSL protocol for encryption of the connection between our server and the payment server of our servicing bank. 

- The authenticity of your card is checked by the verification of the card verification value (CVV2)

- In addition, for your identification as the authentic cardholder, the payment server of our servicing bank supports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations – “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”, in case you are registered to use them. 

Ways of payment:



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