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Cookies Policy

1. What are the “Cookies?  
The Cookie is a small sized file, containing letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, the mobile device or other equipment of a certain user and they are used to access the Internet. The Cookie is installed through the request sent by the server of a certain web page to the browser /example: Internet Explorer, Chrome etc/ and is completely passive /it doesn’t contain software programs, viruses or spyware also doesn’t have access to the hardware of the user/.

2. What are the “Cookies” used for?
These files make possible the recognition of the user’s device and the presenting of the content in a specific way adapted to the user’s preferences. The Cookies assure to the user a pleasant experience during the navigation in Internet.

3. What “Cookies" are we using?
We are using two types of Cookies – of user’s session and fixed. The last ones are temporary files, which stay in the user’s device to the end of the session or until the application is closed /the web browser/. The fixed files remain on the user’s device for the period set from the Cookies or until the user deletes them manually.   

4. Are the “Cookies” containing personal data?
The Cookies don not require personal information. They do not identify the personality of the Internet user. The personal data collected when Cookies are used can be only to ease the experience of the user. The data is encrypted not to allow the unauthorized persons to get access to it.

5. Deleting “Cookies”
In principle, the applications for access to the web pages allow the storing of Cookies by default.  These settings could be changed in a way to stop the control automatically of the Cookies by the web browser or the user to be informed every time when Cookies are sent to his terminal. This information for the ways and the reasons of controlling the Cookies can be found in the application settings /the web browser/. The limitation of the use of Cookies might affect some functions of the web page.

6. Why the “Cookies” are important for Internet?
The Cookies are the central point for effective functioning in Internet, help drafting a certain model of interests and preferences of every user. Disagreement or deactivation of the Cookies might make some sites impossible to use. Disagreement or deactivation of the Cookies does not mean that the user will not get online advertisements but that the preferred ones /collected during the browsing of Internet/ will not show up in to your account. Examples of important roles of the Cookies /that do not require verification through an account/:

7. Security and Confidentiality
Cookies are not viruses! They use the form of a simple text. They are not made from parts of codes and cannot be duplicated or copied in other networks this is why they are not considered viruses.
Cookies are used for negative purposes as well as they keep information for the preferences and the surfing history of the user for a certain site and most of the other sites and they can be used as Spyware. Many anti-spy software are not aware of that fact and all the time mark and clean the cookies.
The browsers have protection for the persona data and ensure different levels of cookie acceptance with period of validity and automated removal after the user leaves the site.
Other security aspects connected to the Cookies:
The personal data protection is very important and is a right of every Internet user. It is recommended to get to know the problems that the Cookies can cause. Through them is sent constant information between the browser and the website and in case that a hacker or an unauthorized person is interfering during the data exchange then the information containing Cookies might be caught.
It could happen in rare cases if the browser connects to the server through an unencrypted network /for example: wireless and not protected by a password network/.
Deactivating of the Cookies will not allow an access of the user to the most used sites like YouTube, Gmail etc. Here are few advices that can ensure the seving without any worries and with the help of the Cookies.

Make sure that your browser is always up to date.

All modern browsers offer the possibility to change the settings of the Cookies. These settings are situated in OPTIONS or in the menu PREFERENCES of your browser. 


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